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C# Generics


  • With the language constructs you’ve learned so far, you can build powerful objects of many different types. You do this mostly by declaring classes that encapsulate the behavior you want and then creating instances of those classes.
  • All the types used in the class declarations so far have been specific types—either programmer defined or supplied by the language or the BCL. There are times, however, when a class would be more useful if you could “distill” or “refactor” out its actions and apply them not just to the data types for which they are coded but for other types as well.
  •  Generics allow you to do just that. You can refactor your code and add an additional layer of abstraction so that, for certain kinds of code, the data types are not hard-coded. This is particularly designed for cases in which there are multiple sections of code performing the same instructions, but on different data types.
  • So that i think it is time to learn more about generics …. the following artical will talk about generics and catch the headlines that will help you invest generics in your code .. leaving you with the  artical .. hoping to be helpful
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