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Five Ideas: SOA-Why Service-Oriented Architecture matters, and how Oracle will remain a leader in the SOA space.

October 24, 2008 Leave a comment

“By using Service Oriented Architecture, you can protect yourself against spending huge budgets with every new application, new release and upgrade without worrying about the integration and interoperability aspects.”—Gaurav Sharma, Infosys-Oracle Blog

SOA leads to lower cost of ownership for the users, and more flexibility. But I think there is a much more important benefit. Service-oriented architectures are the key to unparalleled innovation.”—Frank Buytendijk, VP of Enterprise Performance Management

“Trying to establish control over your SOA is hard enough without making it more complex by adding a truckload of more software. Don’t look at solutions that make you feel like you need to buy the whole store to get the one comfy chair you really need. Doing so only has you buying technology for technology sake without the understanding of how to apply it and when.”—Michael Stamback, director of product marketing at Oracle
“Our customers told us how hard it was to for them to deal with security around their enterprise. We took a page from the Oracle Middleware strategy, which is really around service-oriented architectures, and essentially combined service orientation and security, and came up with the concept of Social Oriented Security.”—Amit Jasuja, VP of Development for Identity Management Products

“As customers deploy more SOA-based applications, the task of effectively managing them becomes paramount. With the addition of ClearApp’s technology to the Oracle Enterprise Manager product family, our customers are expected to get continuous and uninterrupted top-down views of their business services and applications, helping them maximize service availability while reducing IT operations costs.””— Leng Leng Tan, Oracle Vice President, Applications and Systems Management