1. Softawy Desktop Browser : is a stand alone simple browser that navigate Screen shotthrough internet pages , i used the WebBrowser tool in vs links is below which includes source files and Exe.

Download 1

Download 2

Download 3

Download 4

enjoy using it and inpooh 😀

  1. Simple Chat program using socket programmimg in C#

  • instruction to use this program :-

First run the server.exe from the \server\bin\Debug folder

second run client.exe from the \Client\bin\Debug

you can more than one client but there is one condition it must be in the same machine  and if you wanna to server in a machine and enable client from different machine to connect the server you must change the server IP address  in both client and server application

Third you must select the nick name in the Nike TextBox and click the select button and the then start using the program 😀

Features under modification 

  • rooms
  • online and offline view
  • file transfer

Thanks for giving interest

Downlink :-


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